ID Content (hg19 genome assembly) Download
1 Base-resolution m6A sites (miCLIP & m6A-CLIP) Download
2 Base-resolution m6A sites (m6A-seq with improved protocol) Download
3 Predicted m6A sites - full transcript (complete version) Download
4 Predicted m6A sites - full transcript (high confidence)* Download
5 Predicted m6A sites - mature mRNA (complete version) Download
6 Predicted m6A sites - mature mRNA (high confidence)* Download
7 Predicted m6A functions Download
8 Project codes Download

*The selection criteria of the predicted high-confidence human m6A sites are as following:
⋅ For each gene, up to 5 most probable m6A sites whose methylation probability is greater than 0.9 are selected;
⋅ For genes that has less than 3 sites with methylation probability greater than 0.9, we report up to 2 most probable sites; (We want the predicted m6A sites to cover a larger proportion of the transcriptome.)
⋅ For genes that has no reported m6A sites conforming the RRACH motif in MeTDB/RMBase, no sites will be reported; (MeTDB and RMBase collected hundreds of samples, and their data processing pipelines are less likely to make false negative prediction compared to false positive prediction.)